Hello Beautiful People,

Judge the videos by using the Gold Star Ratings underneath each video. 1 thru 5 will be your selections. 5 being the Best.

There will be only one vote per member so hurry up and get your friends to sign up today and vote.

What is Talent? Talent is a special natural ability or aptitude.

Are you Talented? Do you have a skill that makes you stand out in the crowd? Do you wish you had your chance to shine? Are you an Entertainer, a Business Owner, Geek, Artist, Guitarist, Exhibitionist, Stuntman, Wrestler, Cage Fighter, Sky Diver, Chef, Model, Comedian, Super Hero or just a B Boppin Singing Joker? Well Everyone at Talent Time wants to know about it.

Here you can upload videos, music, photos, literature, make friends, chat and email while showing the world your Talents......

Do it for fun, do it for a career or just do it because you can. Maybe someone is already looking for you and your talents? Maybe you are already doing it at your own business?? At Talent Time, we feel that everyone has a hidden talent that just hasn't been discovered yet.


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